On-Call Community Rescue for Animals

Assisting first responders and citizens with the aid and transport of animals in emergencies.

Our Mission

OCCRA’s mission is to improve city services, save time and money for local residents and our emergency responders—and help our less fortunate animal residents, via safe handling and transport of our creature friends by well trained and equipped responders.


How We Help 100’s of Animals Every Year

Injured Strays

OCCRA is contracted with Multnomah County Animal Services from April 2022-April 2027, to respond to sick or injured contained stray animals between 5pm and 8am, 365 days/year. Please call 503.988.7387 if you have an emergency involving a stray domestic animal. You may also try the OCCRA number directly at 971.645.3450.

Injured Wildlife

Handling and transporting wild animals is very dangerous. Please call Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) first when encountering any kind of wildlife concern or emergency. You may also try Portland Audubon Wildlife Care Center to help triage the situation. OCCRA assists in case by case scenarios and may be able to offer transports of injured or sick wildlife to emergency care or humane euthanasia, if you are unable to reach both agencies, please reach out to us directly at 971.645.3450 to see if it is a situation we can help with, or if we can help contact the proper agencies.

Rescue Assistance

OCCRA may be able to assist in the transport of rehomed farm animals. Please reach out to us to see how we can help you, whether you are another non profit, or a citizen, we would be happy to discuss your situation. Please note, we do not help find adoptive homes, as it is outside of our capacity. However, once a home is in place and approved by the previous owner, OCCRA volunteers may be able to assist in the transport. email: [email protected] or call 971.645.3450.

How You Can Help

Join Our Contractor Team

OCCRA contractors work 1700-0800 as after hours emergency animal control in Multnomah County, if you are interested in becoming a contractor, with a once/week shift, let us know!


OCCRA receives daily requests to help capture and transport animals, especially wildlife! Our volunteers help us fulfill our mission, we couldn't do it without them, and we would love to talk to you about joining our team!


OCCRA volunteers are onboarded with safety gear and uniforms, each new volunteer costs several hundred dollars in equipment. Your donations allow us to grow and help more animals, as well as save for our bigger goals of purchasing a large livestock trailer, and high quality wildlife transport boxes.


Latest News

Diamond Collar Hero Award

On 02/20/24 OCCRA President Virginia Borden had the incredible honor of receiving a Diamond Collar Hero Award from Oregon Humane Society on behalf of all the work that OCCRA volunteers have done over the years, as well the chance to highlight the incredible OHSTAR team whom we work with often. See the full video recognizing…

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SNEAK PEEK at our new logos!

OCCRA is rebranding. It’s time for a bit of a change in our logos, it’s so hard to say goodbye to the “heart paw”, especially since our belo…

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The Great Pumpkin Drive helps rescued farm animals for another year

The On-Call Community Rescue for Animals (OCCRA) is hosting the Great Pumpkin drive for the seventh year! For more Local News from KPTV: https://www.kptv.com/

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Thank you vOCCRAnteer Bonnie for responding to show this Great Horned Owl that valentines sentiments come in many acts of service! 🚑

An employee at a care facility in Forest Grove had found the patient on the ground with an injured leg and called @birdallianceoforegon for help. OCCRA was dispatched out, and the owl is now in the hands of the Wildlife Care Center! Good luck beautiful raptor!
On the same day as Portland Audubon announced their new name "Bird Alliance of Oregon", we are happy to share a special volunteer spotlight on one of their rehabilitators whom we are lucky enough to have on the OCCRA team! Thank you Ashley for all you do! Read more about Ashley below!


Ashley began volunteering with OCCRA in 2023 as Volunteer Wildlife Specialist after meeting Virginia and hearing about her hopes to do more for wild animals. She offers her expertise in the form of group trainings as well as situation to situation guidance.

Ashley is a full-time wildlife rehabilitator at Bird Alliance of Oregon's (formerly Portland Audubon) Wildlife Care Center, where she can be found providing advice on common wildlife coexistence issues and giving professional medical care to a diverse array of local species year-round; from hummingbirds to bald eagles, chipmunks to beavers, and even the occasional turtle!

She was born with a love for all animals, which was only intensified by growing up in Southwest Florida — surrounded by ospreys, anhingas, ibises, and the ever-charming anoles, just to name a few favorites. She also always felt a need to advocate for and protect them, which ultimately helped her find this unique career. 

Ashley got involved in wildlife rehabilitation, rescue, and education immediately after graduating high school in 2015, and just kind of never looked back. She is passionate about wildlife conservation and welfare, as well as working with volunteers and community members to help more animals.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband Patrick, birding of course, and relaxing at home with her trio of cats: Mama, Friend, and Ladybug! She also helps lead outdoor adventures with Wild Diversity, is working towards her Oregon Master Naturalist Certification, and seasonally works alongside a herd of goats in the persistent fight against blackberry! 

Besides OCCRA, she enjoys volunteering with organizations like SOLVE and AdoptOneBlock.
All about @americanwildlifefoundation . How you can support them and the work they do for raptors year round. Thank you Dr. Ackermann and team for intaking the red-tailed hawk today, we appreciate you! ❤️🙏 #awf
vOCCRAnteers @tmccray1010 @cindy4253 and @vettechdlove responded today to help two patients. A barred owl in Gresham that was found lethargic and in need of help on the ground, and a red-tailed hawk whom had suffered a head injury when fleeing a chicken coop.

Darci brought the barred owl to the Wildlife Care Center at @portlandaudubon , and the red-tailed beauty is with the rehabilitators @americanwildlifefoundation in Colton, OR.

Thank you to the callers, the volunteers and the care teams for these raptors! Good luck to both of them!
#raptors #wildlifetransport #wildliferescue #wildlifevolunteer #occra #voccranteer
We received a call today from @portlandaudubon dispatchers about a crow in need of a ride to the Wildlife Care Center. A Good Samaritan had found them struggling to walk, with a possible injured leg at a school in Aloha, OR, and the community member did not have any means of transportation.

Thank you vOCCRAnteer Bonnie for getting the corvid safely captured and transported to Audubon. Good luck magic friend. 🐦‍⬛❤️

#occra #voccranteer #corvid #crow #wildlife #wildlifetransport #wildlifevolunteer #wildliferescue #animalvolunteer
Thank you @duramater78 and her hospital team, LE friends and everyone who donated blankets, towels, bowls, dog and cat beds and food to @multcopets . We dropped them off at the shelter today. I don’t have a good photo of the whole haul because it took up so much space but it was A LOT. Thank you thank you 🙏🏼.